Hemel Hempstead

The old town of Hemel with it's charming high street has an intimacy and unspoilt charm of its own. Hemel Hempstead ‘New Town’ centre is a set-piece and exemplar of post war architecture, landscape design, planning and public art, designed by Geoffrey Jellicoe as a ‘City in a Park’, with it’s treasured water gardens. It embodied the commitment to provide ‘ordinary people’ (many displaced by wartime destruction), with decent, spacious, well equipped homes, within community neighbourhoods. Hemel still has an astounding sense of community and enviable warmth and diversity, a reflection of the society and culture of the 1950’s. The town centre is characterised by the elegant Bank Court, the exciting relief sculpture on the corner of the Marlowes and Bridge Street, the unique lively Emett mosaic, and wonderfully designed magistrates court. These buildings celebrate the glorious optimism of the 50’s. The jewell in the crown is Jellicoe's Water Garden which is currently being rejuvenated with a lottery grant.