Women’s Refuge

DacorumnWomen’s Aid:Call 08 088 088 088 (10am – 8pm Mon to Fri) All other times Samaritans 01923 233333
“Going into a refuge can be a scary prospect and many women are unsure of what to expect. I thought it would be cramped and dirty with little time for myself. It was hard to leave friends and family and I thought of a refuge as a last resort. I worried I would have little independence in a refuge and often feel lonely and isolated…

..However, when I entered the refuge I found a warm, safe and friendly environment. I was offered help and support from the staff and counselling is also available if you want it. In the refuge you can build a good network of friends and there are a variety of activities available for both women and children.We also have weekly house meetings to talk through any issues or ideas. The house is kept clean and tidy by the residents which we take seriously as this is our home for a while, but importantly we can still maintain our independence in a shared house. A refuge should be somewhere that offers safety as well as a fresh start, and it does.”